You have difficulty sharing because you tend to prioritize your own needs above those of others.


You have trouble paying attention because you have so much to say and you can't wait to speak up.


You have a hard time trusting people because you're always on guard against being hurt and doing anything to prevent it.


Because you care so deeply for your partner, setting limits is difficult for you.


You have a hard time settling for less than what you want because you are stubborn and confident in your own superior judgment.


As a practical person who would rather do chores for their partner than make grand gestures, romance is difficult for you.


You have trouble expressing your true feelings because you fear upsetting other people.


You have trouble establishing emotional intimacy because you fear rejection if you let your partner into your most vulnerable emotional states.


You have a hard time being open because you tend to play your cards close to the vest.


You have trouble working in a group because you prefer to make your own decisions and solve your own problems.


You have trouble with physical intimacy because you tend to wait for the atmosphere to be just right before you consider getting close to someone.


You find it hard to talk to people because you always worry that you'll be labeled as needy or overemotional.

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