Libra enjoys harmony, therefore they shouldn't be tense. Balance may cause overthinking and hesitation.Libras often dither, which makes them nervous.

These friendly air signs like humans, but appearances are hard.  They're sensitive, so pleasing everyone exhausts them.


Sagittarius is prone to emotional outbursts, but not in the way you might expect. They thrive in risky situations and maintain a constant level of excitement.

These fire signs will accept everything you provide. If they have to give up their adventurous spirit, they become anxious and erratic.


Aries represents new beginnings and prospects. It's thrilling and terrifying to take risks and attempt new things.They dream large and create goals only they can reach.

Ambitious people can be tense and short-fused.Fire signs are impetuous but leaders. Aries can act before thinking, which can cause worry and anxiety. They'll self-destruct otherwise.


Capricorns reach the top of the success ladder early, but it's stressful. Saturn, a serious planet, rules these earth signs. Capricorns are self-critical and have trouble letting go.

They are practical, but some find them excessively stubborn. Capricorns may feel pressurized to succeed and have trouble distinguishing work and personal life.


Scorpio will do anything to get their goal. They want success. Bennet calls them obsessive—they won't stop until everything is done, personal or professional.

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