You'll glimpse Scorpio's true self if you're lucky.they appear cool but can be upset by the tiniest things.They're intense, which can impair their judgment if things go wrong.

Melodramatic Scorpios are known. They typically overstate things.Before you can argue with this water sign, let the storm pass.


Libra strives to treat everyone equally. When life is balanced, they thrive. Air signs can become unreasonable and emotional if they don't receive that treatment.

If it means getting what they want, making problems is acceptable. The Libran tendency to overstate problems is well known.


Even though Aquarius tends to be a tranquil sign, there are moments when they blow up.They are prone to dramatic outbursts when agitated or emotionally invested.

It's hard to rile them up since they're weird and don't like society's norms. If they're going to be extra, it better be about something essential.


Cancer resists change and insists on their way. They obsess over problems and try to cure everything, even if they can't.These sensitive water signs won't tolerate betrayal.

Their mood swings provide drama—one minute they're OK, the next it's over. As their resentments and hurt build, they'll melodramatically turn the simplest mistake into a catastrophe.


Aries must rule. They're the zodiac's first sign and always want to lead. They want their directives followed.Bossy and passionate, fire indications are disliked.

They'll overreact to minor issues and damage relationships. They can't control their drive to lead and can quickly resort to dramatization if it helps.

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