Cancers are sensitive, and Aries aren't the most patient. Cancers prefer to think things through before acting. You're too reckless for them.


Taurus, you're not a snob—you just like things a certain way. Aquarius people, however, flout rules for pleasure. Aquarius is uncontainable! Taurus, it would irritate you.


Capricorns make Geminis cry. Capricorns bore Geminis. Capricorns' honesty and bad timing annoy Geminis. Capricorns plan; you're impulsive.


Cancer, you're sensitive and need help. Virgos are critical and emotionally distant. Conflicts are inevitable because you're different.


Scorpios can be jealous, but Leos are fun, playful, and fantastic. Scorpios are tight with compliments, something you know Leo would not like.


Sagittarius love the hunt, whereas Virgos hate it. Sagittarius are too carefree and free-spirited to consider how their actions effect you.


Scorpios are fiery, passionate, and willing to fight for what they love. They can handle confrontation. Scorpios wouldn't provide Libras harmony.


Scorpio and Aries, independent and competitive, often fought over leadership. yet a serious relationship between you will just cause conflicts and anger.


Changing and meeting new people thrill you, Sagittarius. You're spontaneous, but Taurus isn't. Tauruses are realistic and grounded, although you want to change things up.


Sagittarius laugh and move, but Capricorns are more steadfast and determined. Capricorn hates Sagittarius' go-anywhere mentality. These two signs were destined to fail.


Pisces are too demanding for Aquarius, who needs distinct and autonomous people. Aquarius is busy saving the world while Pisces needs attention.


Dreamy Pisces want company. Serial monogamists like singles. Restless Geminis withdraw. Pisces are sensitive and will be offended if they don't understand Gemini's distance.

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