Cancers are insecure because they are sensitive. Trust issues turn them off. Asking partners and friends for acceptance generates a self-fulfilling prophecy 

and manifests the worst, even though rejection is their biggest dread. Insecurity can also cause depression. Cancers should take pride in their many successes.


Taurus are bulls because they're stubborn. Taurus stubbornness can keep them back. They may stay in a bad relationship or job out of fear of quitting.

Balance is Taurus's challenge. Their intransigence might be a strength, but they should still listen to others and consider various perspectives.


Geminis quarrel. Due to dual logic, they must carefully consider all options. They're analytical and won't stop until they've looked at everything, but they're often indecisive.

Because they can't decide, Gemini shouldn't miss out. Every option is good, therefore they can't choose. If they obsess, they'll run out of possibilities.


Virgos obsess. They obsess about minor details and hypothetical situations, causing tension and paralysis. Their overly critical nature causes their relationships to suffer.

Laser focus can work. It can aid work if used appropriately and with positivity. Yet, Virgos should examine the issue because it may not be as bad as it seems.


Scorpios obsess. One person, project, or relationship is their focus. When focused on the right problem, it can help people finish projects and succeed at work.

Scorpios must focus their energy within. Scorpios should learn to value themselves instead of continuously seeking validation from others.

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