Aries usually plays by her own rules, so if you don't put everything out at the start, it will backfire later.  Aries doesn't rest after a long-term relationship.

Aries is more concerned about her partner's incapacity than losing her independence after marriage. They'll assume they can't compete because Aries usually comes first.


Geminis communicate well. She can solve some problems better, though.Her indecision can muddle discussions about long-term relationships.

Casual dating suits Gemini because she never needs to make huge judgments. Before you can grieve, someone near dies.Gemini has trouble dealing with unanswered questions.


Sagittarius is happiest having fun alone or with others. Simple relationships suit her. If things get serious, she may pull away, so don't push her until she's sure.

Sagittarius commitment. Her relationship seems long-term. After realizing she's in it for the long haul, she'll party more since she'll worry about her partner's freedom.


Aquarius shines in intimate friendships and relationships. Take your connection to the next level at your own peril because she's hard to read.

Aquarius is easily deterred from commitment.When you're with her, anything can happen. Let her lead or you'll lose.

However, everything can be fine until she can't handle it. Unfortunately, no one can know what happened.

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