Taurus, the bull in astrology, is stubborn but persistent. Taurus gets whatever she wants. She's possessive and selfish, and she'll fight anyone who bothers her.

Taurus prefers the easy way out in all situations. If the easy path involves auto theft or trespassing, so be it. You should sleep with one eye open around her.


Cancer is sneakier than you believe, but underestimating her helps her live a hazardous and criminal existence. She strikes unexpectedly.

She feels invisible and confused. She uses this unassuming guard to cause trouble. Cancers lie and follow their instincts.


Virgo's predisposition to pre-meditated actions makes her hazardous. She's not spontaneous, so when she does anything harmful, it's been thought out.


Sagittarius  hates rules because she prioritises freedom. She hates being ruled. She'll breach every rule that gets in her way. Sagittarius is independent.

 Sagittarius is different from other rule-breakers. Instead of details, she sees the big picture. She'll steal shoes if she can't afford them. Dangerous and lawless.


Capricorn's complicated personality doesn't matter. Dangerous Capricorn. She secretly desires acceptance due to appearance. She's naughty in bad company. 

Capricorn, proud. She'll do bizarre and unlawful things because she can. Her sloppy and uncreative behaviour may reveal you if you hang with her.

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