Aries should sleep by 9. She needs every hour of sleep to perform well because her day is so full of tasks and activities.She should sleep early to acquire enough rest for the day.


Taurus prefers early mornings. She enjoys morning coffee, exercise, and the paper. Taurus prefers mornings. Beauty sleep sustains her.She sleeps around 10 PM and enjoys nightlife.


Late-night Geminis. She can't sleep when she's thinking!Because she prefers to wake up early, she sleeps early.To avoid morning misery, she sleeps best around 11 PM.


Cancer rises early and remains late. She like 10:30 bedtime.She needs more sleep but can't go to bed before 11.Cancer must conserve energy for daytime comfort.


Leo sleeps best at 12AM. She cannot sleep early. She's too busy at night.No matter how much sleep she gets, she enjoys staying up late. 


Methodical Virgo plans ahead. She rises early to start her day. She prefers 8 PM bedtime.Virgo is calculated and needs to be at her best in the morning to get everything done. 


Libra dislikes mornings. She's grouchy in the morning and needs at least 12 snoozes to get up.She stays up late to decompress. She sleeps best at midnight.


Scorpios are night owls. She dislikes mornings and always wakes up drowsy. She loves late nights. Her bedtime is 1 AM.


Night-owl Sagittarius. She works best at night and wakes up midafternoon.Her ambition keeps her awake. She likes 2AM sleep.


Capricorn values duty. She works tirelessly. To maximize her day, she wakes up early.She likes 10 PM bedtime. Just enough sleep for her job.


Aquarius finds late-night alone relaxing. She loves late-night reading and journaling.She goes to bed at midnight, not because she's out with pals or roaming around town.


Pisces hates mornings. At all. She hates leaving her bed. She sleeps early and often.She enjoys sleeping. All dreams...She sleeps best after 11.

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