Ragdoll cats love playing with people. One of the most friendly cat breeds, cats love to be handled and meet their owners at the door and accompany them throughout the house.


Birman cats are great pets for kids since they are affectionate, energetic, and easy to handle.


Manx cats have a high level of territorial guardian instinct and a deep yearning for human companionship.


Burmese cats make excellent companions for children and are a good option for households with both children and cat-friendly pets. 


Young children who don't need very active pets to keep them occupied might benefit greatly from having a Persian cat as their first pet.


Siamese cats are known for their gentle nature and affection for humans, making them a great choice for households with young children.


They are ideal companions for busy families with children and other pets because of their laid-back nature and low maintenance requirements. 


Ragamuffin cats are the consummate people-pets because of the deep relationships they create with their human families.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats are friendly and gregarious, making them a good choice for households with kids.

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