The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Brown Eyes


Brown eyes have depth and often have many colors that aren't always visible.  Brown eyes often feature flecks of bright yellow, red, or black.

Wearing varied tones of brown will highlight your eyes' accent colors. For a more subtle look, choose copper. It enhances the eyes' amber specks for a bright, healthy glow.


Brilliant contrast is created by all shades of blue, from the palest turquoise to the deepest cobalt.Think about how you want things to look when selecting shades of blue.

The blues turquoise, lapis, and navy convey strength.Wearing a soothing color like aqua or sky blue. Neutral tones include periwinkle and teal.


Green may be the greatest hue for brown eyes. All brown-eyed girls should wear green since it brings out their eyes.

Wear lime, forest, or emerald green eye shadow or clothing to highlight your brown eyes.Wear different greens for distinct looks. 


Red looks great with brown eyes. The dark color scheme conveys drama and intrigue.Of course, certain reds appear better than others—you simply have to

find what makes your eyes pop. Shades offer distinct messages.Wear warm orangey-red to be striking but friendly. Oxblood and crimson, chilly blue-reds, will appear distant.

Pastel mint green

Pastels enhance brown eyes without overpowering them. These milder tints flatter eyes and skin if chosen correctly.

Pastel mint green may help you find a great outfit. It flatters everyone—especially brown-eyed folks.

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