You're ambitious and active. Your calendar is full of deadlines, meetings, volunteer work, creative projects, brunches with friends, coffee with mentors, dinner with parents, and everything but romance.


You romanticize the minimum, so you tolerate bad behavior and settle for less in relationships. Remembering your birthday, planning dates, and supporting you are romantic in a committed relationship.


You don't see everything you bring to the table and date down or don't pursue people you're interested in because you think they wouldn't like you.


You enter relationships without planning. You don't consider if the person you like is right for you or if you could be together long-term. Though emotional, reality matters.


You're afraid of being too committed, so you don't say. You go with the flow to commit to your partner. You prefer casual but serious. Pretend a situationship is enough.


You think someone is destined to fulfill their potential. You know your partner could communicate better, be more doting, or work harder. You wait for them to play your imagined role.


You doubt your loveworthiness. You date people who aren't right for you or don't treat you well because you think anyone is better than no one.


Chemistry is important, but a relationship is more than that. Real life will always interfere, and passion can only sustain love so far. You must accept that shit will get boring, stale, and hard.


Having standards is different from having unrealistic expectations. Perfection or no one. This is difficult because no one is perfect. This guarantees loneliness.


You love romance and flirting but never take enough time between situationships, relationships, and the in-between to truly be single and enjoy your independence.


You ignore your feelings or your partner's hurtful actions. Ghost instead. You assume they'll understand from the silence that you've moved on or that their behavior was unacceptable.


Dating puts you on high alert. You're always looking for signs it won't work out, that something is wrong, or that you're incompatible.

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