You are the one who goes first and fights for their beliefs. You prove it to everyone. Keeping things from people is in your nature. You aren't quite as assured as you seem. 


You're dependable. Find and protect. You work and play. Your main secret is that you worry you don't supply enough, and your smile is mostly for show.


You make the party fun. You encourage self-acceptance. And when it comes to yourself, you feel your life is in pieces and the more you try to put it together and love yourself, it falls apart.


Although you are a natural nurturer and believe in deep family roots, it can be difficult but rewarding. You don't want babies. No white picket fence for you.


You're an honest drama queen. You secretly want less drama, misery, and issues. You're needy. You want to tell someone who similarly wears their heart on their sleeve.


You're great at helping others, but you can't let others help you or help yourself without feeling bad.Asking for help makes you human, not inferior.


You want harmony. You and others. If you can do this gracefully, even better. Your biggest secret is that you're not perfect. That your life is unbalanced. You operate better in structured clutter.


Despite being the most concentrated and focused sign, you form lifelong friendships. You secretly enjoy solitude. Choose wisely. Time's precious. Avoid slackers.


You dream, risk, and adventure. Because you're always focused about the negative, you never consider the positive. You're too scared to take that leap of trust. You don't realise regret lasts forever.


You like stability and long-term planning. You secretly wish your life required more spontaneity. While goals and organisation are good, you wish you could relax more.


You, the ideal truth seeker and justice advocate, have a secret. Exhausting. You can't fight for yourself while helping others. When peacefully protesting for others' rights, you want to join the crowd.


You dream and heal. You dream big and heal hurts. The strain you feel to fulfil all your dreams and heal those you love is a secret you keep from everyone.

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