The Brutal Truths About Loving A Cancer Zodiac

This zodiac sign can be exceedingly moody

The Cancerian is the first to acknowledge they hate the stereotype that they are overly sensitive. In fact, they overuse the "radio silence" technique.

You can tell whether a Cancer is hurt or angered because they withdraw into themselves or come out swinging. Don't take it personally; it's only an instinctive response to keeping themselves safe.

Cancer is the obstinate enemy

When Cancer is enraged, they become a formidable foe. In all seriousness, you are doomed to perpetual defeat in debates.

Whether you end up sleeping on the sofa tonight depends less on whether you're right or wrong about Cancer, and more on how you choose to approach the sign.

They adore their family fiercely

Which, of course, has advantages and disadvantages. Dating a Cancer implies you're essentially adopting into their family because they value family above all else. 

If you want to win them over, you'd better learn to love their family, too.Cancer has a hard time moving on from a situation where their closest loved ones have severe doubts about someone.

Cancer prioritizes happiness

Cancers feel the love they've found deep within their bodies. They put everything they have into their relationships.

They don't regret the days when they wore their emotions on their sleeve because it led them to their soul mate. If a Cancer is interested in you, it's because you're really valuable to them.

Cancer overanalyzes everything

When Cancer wants to pay attention, they pay it. Depending on the Cancer's mood, textual flirtation might go either way.

Because of the way you use emoticons, people may feel compelled to resort to investigating, and this is not their fault.

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