Dark Green

Dark green is another unique dark hair color.Rich-colored emeralds accentuate dark hair. dark green suits warm and cold complexions. Green eyes are attractive.


Red is the most confident hue, thus it's hard to go wrong with it.Most people avoid red because they believe it would overpower them, but once they try on the proper shade,

they realize it is one of the most flattering colors. Pick an orange-red if your skin is naturally warm. Select a bluer red if your skin is on the cooler side.

Hot Pink

You don't have to be a fashionista to wear hot pinks and magentas, which are popular.Try a bright crew-neck sweater or shift dress.

Navy Blue

Navy is a timeless, go-to hue that is especially flattering on those with dark hair.  It's nice to have something other than black to wear for a change.Black can be draining,

especially as we age, but navy is more energizing.However, she often pairs it with black for a sophisticated look. This shade is especially attractive if you have blue eyes.


The color burgundy is friendlier and less threatening. Pseudo-neutral is how she describes it.Although burgundy is often used as an accent color, 

it goes well with many different colors, including neutrals. Burgundy is more visually appealing than other colors.

Dark Yellow

Another uncommon dark hair color is dark yellow.Both cool and warm tones may pull off dark green. Strong yellow gold earrings would stand out beautifully against black hair. 

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