The stubborn ram always considers death. They may die or lose loved ones. Aries are obsessed with death.


If he was your ex, Taurus scared you. He's gone or not. He will follow you on social media.


Twins lie by nature. Dual brains. You always want your way. You write stories and present your reality.


You love your partner, but you obsess. You obsess.This disrupts you and others. You choke your lover. This harms the relationship.


Your attempts to be "the best" are scary and annoying. Leos are competitive. You'll do anything for admiration. You're self-centered. Arrogance doesn't bother you.


Your calm exterior hides fetishes. No problem. You nurture these desires and are always reserved. You want to explore your sexuality but avoid it. You're too shy to discuss it.


Curious cat. Scary things appear. Buy that book, watch that video, or click those internet links. You know the world is scary, but you never do them.


Your wrath is known. You're ominous. You're dark and overthink. Scorpio dreams of gruesome murders.Watched Law and Order. Scorpios imagine blood and murder. Kill anyone, even children.


You're emotionally detached. You have no emotions. You've progressed and don't care. Rarely react. You're freezing. Even about yourself, you don't show emotion.


You're hiding. Imagine killing your family. You imagined killing your girlfriend after arguing. Your boss annoys you. Working late, you imagine killing him. You're excited.


Happier but remembering the dead. Consider funeral speeches. You write best friend funeral speeches often. What to say when your mother dies. Imagine them.


Pisces keeps conquering. Like Wonder Woman. Childhood heroes. You think heroes show their superpowers in dire situations. You think your superpowers will save the world in a crisis.

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