You’re stubborn. You know. We know. However, you detest being dogmatic. You've done that lately. Let go of a stubborn idea. Bring curiosity and openness to this new era.


You get used to your routine and don't want to change it. Do you feel stifled lately? This Pink Moon, resist the urge to stay home and do the same thing. Accept change to restart.


You'd like to think your recent behavior is self-care, but you know you've been selfish, especially with money and social life. For the Pink Moon, think of others.


You're bad at boundaries. You're in over your head for setting and following rules. You've been struggling to control yourself, but it's time to listen to your gut and others' emotions.


You have a strong moral compass and can be harsh when people deviate from it. Life is complicated and beautiful. Being flexible helps you and others.


You dislike unplanned activities. Prepare for change. Spontaneity is good because not all change can be added to your long to-do list. Relinquish control.


You start well, but can you finish? You could drop some of your recent projects and focus on one. After finishing the first, move on to the others.


Betrayal, loss, painful endings. These past weeks have been difficult. It's time to try to shake off some of your grief and sadness. Stay out of the gloom. It's worth seeing a therapist.


You're nostalgic. You may be remembering childhood fun. You want to rekindle a romance or relive a fun vacation. Remember that you're seeing a rosy version of your past. Focus on now and the future.


Your harshest critic is yourself. You've been self-critical lately. This Pink Moon, break your chains. Even you're messy. Self-care is important.


You have so much power, but if you don't put in the effort, none of your opportunities will succeed. Work hard. Manifestation is more than waiting. Stop hoping things will work out.


You know you need courage to achieve your dreams. Despite knowing, you let fear hold you back. Let go of your fears as the Pink Moon rises. They rarely happen. No problem.

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