Aries women like leaders who challenge them. She hates indecision. She won't date a follower. She's uninterested in weaklings. She won't date weaklings.


Taurus women are sensible. She values stability and her daily routine, so she won't date someone who is all over the place, has no career, and no five-year plan. She'd like a successful man.


If someone doesn't excite or go with the flow, the Gemini woman gets bored easily. She won't like someone who controls her or stays home all the time. If she feels threatened, she'll flee.


Cancer women are emotional, loving, and kind, and they cry easily if triggered. If someone is unkind, especially to animals, she will not be comfortable around them.


Leo women love themselves too much and need a confident person who lets them have their way. She rejects shy people. She wants someone like her—bold and charismatic.


Before opening up, Virgo women need reassurance. She won't waste time trying to figure out a person's mixed signals or inconsistent behavior if they play too many games. She values integrity.


Libra women are accepting and optimistic. She'll leave if she thinks someone thinks she's naive or weak. Except for being underestimated or taken for granted, she can forgive anything.


Independent Scorpio women. Self-sufficient, she's hard to impress. She'll ignore needy, insecure, or dependent people. She likes strong men who make her feel soft.


Sagittarius women want success. She can handle 10 people without complaining, so lazy, spoiled, or irresponsible people shouldn't date her. She seeks marriage. Risk-takers are undependable.


Capricorn women are guarded and take their time, but they love unconditionally and will do anything for their loved ones. If she feels pressured, she'll leave.


Aquarius women dream. Aquarius women strive for change. She won't talk to a critic. She wants someone who values her ideas, even if he doesn't understand them.


Pisces women like trustworthy people. She hates rigidity. She won't go on a second date if the person was cold or didn't share their childhood wounds and most painful experiences.

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