Aries is one of the most outgoing signs without even trying. This includes better communication. An Aries flirts without even realising it. It's simple for her.


A Gemini woman's daily talks are full with emotion. Her friends marvel at her flirting talents. I suggest asking your Gemini friend for flirting advice.


Leo is self-assured. She's bold and flirtatious when necessary. Leos knows how to flirt while staying calm, and she always succeeds.


Virgo is timid and quiet but flirty. She looks good flirting without trying. She sometimes overthinks and stutters. Even still, her flirting game is unbeatable.


Scorpios flirt naturally. Scorpio purposefully flirts by speaking enthusiastically about everything. Scorpios love flirting and messing with others.


Cancer is emotional and deep. She's emotional about everything, including flirting. Cancers only flirt if someone else initiates. Cancers are compliant but not proactive.


Tauruses try to be calm but often get irritated. She stutters as she overthinks her flirting. Luckily, the person she's flirting with will find her fumbling cute and go for it.


Calm Capricorns. She flirts subtly by stroking or playing with her hair. Capricorns only flirt with worthy individuals. She only bothers with select folks.


Sagittarius flirts regularly without being obvious. The other person thinks Sagittarius is being polite and playful, not flirting. She quits. She wants to flirt but doesn't know how.


Aquarius can flirt—she simply doesn't. She prefers to amaze someone with her actual personality and knowledge rather than pretending and making trite jokes.


Libra knows a lot about love and relationships. She favours honesty above flirting and games. She'd rather forego the flirting and get to know someone.


Flirting, especially in person, makes Pisces shy. Her peaceful personality attracts many individuals, illustrating that you don't need to flirt to get dates.

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