Tauruses are emotional despite their aloofness. This earth sign hates change. Taurus dislikes monotony. Taurus hate change, therefore this is difficult.

Taurus is stubborn and takes criticism personally. Fear of the unknown paralyzes Taureans. In private, Tauruses cry.


Practical Virgos. Overthinking produces stress. Virgos overthink and break down. Virgo compares, researches, and competes to advance.

Competition is depressing. This earth sign may have private breakdowns. Self-reflection can exhaust them. Despite surviving, they'll be upset.


Libras strive to achieve at work but also have fun with family. Air signs emotionally collapse when they feel off-kilter. Libras dominate because they seek balance.

Uncontrolled situations sadden them. Libras suppress anger and despair. They act normal Being alone worries them. Libras need monitoring. A pep talk and hug may lift their spirits.


Scorpio's strength is easily misinterpreted. This water sign is very emotional, despite its appearance. They also magnify minor issues. Sad Scorpios are dramatic. 

They claim you snatched their pet over spilled milk. Disappoint Scorpio. Scorpios are volatile. Avoid the scorpion's tail if you caused their misery.


Emotionally sensitive Pisces absorb others' feelings. They cry at everything and never view an aircraft movie without tears. Hug after watching anything to impress this indication.


Cancerians are the saddest. Everything impacts water signs. Their sensitivity may disturb them in challenging situations. Cancers love their family and grieve when separated. 

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