Effort. You like chasing, but you prefer being chased. Effort is the best sign on. You like someone who pursues their goals, and you don't mind being the target.


Luxurious romance. Your sign rules the five senses you want romance to be immersive. Venus rules love and luxury, so loving you is decadent. You like opulence in relationships.


Mindreading. To feel connected, your sign must be heard, listened to, and understood. Mercury, the communication planet, makes you expressive.


Love. You may act tough, but you're a romantic at heart. You may feel insecure despite having no reason to. You like people who are in touch with their feelings and don't hold back.


spoiled. Your big ego hides a sensitive, kind person. Giving is easier than receiving in romance. You love generously. You pamper your partners.


Authenticity. Mercury makes you notice every detail about your partner. You want everything about them. You secretly want to be discovered. Understanding turns you on.


We ness. You want harmony in everything. Since Venus rules love, you seek those things in companionship. You value relationships and romance.


Chemistry and touch. One of the most erotic zodiacs, you rule the hips and s*x organs. You value trust, honesty, and physical intimacy. You're passionate and limitless.


Novelty. You love and bore easily, Sag. You need novelty, and sometimes partners don't provide it. Zodiac explorer, you. New adventures excite you most.


Leisure. Your sign views romance and dating like everything else: traditionally. Saturn rules your relationships. You prioritise quality time together.


Discussion. Your detachment is often misinterpreted. Though you can emotionally distance yourself more than any other sign, you want to get to know someone emotionally.


Sensitivity. You want nothing more than a deep spiritual connection with someone. You're sensitive and emotional. You feel everything deeply.

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