SLOW DOWN! Your impatience and boundless energy may make your partner feel like they're being swallowed up and left out. Make room for someone else's passions, interests, and options. 


Relationships are democracies. We know you're smart, resourceful, and the best person to ask for advice, but if you never let anyone else speak, you risk coming across as overbearing. 


Stand up! Your flightiness can charm or annoy. People aren't meant to entertain. You don't have to hate a five-minute bore. Make a choice and stick to it. 


Stop begging. You need a relationship. Singles lack. Desperation can cause codependency. Recognize inferiority. Self-care first. 


Stop self-obsessed. Not everyone is there to flatter you. Your need to be the center of attention may be too much for your partner.


Stop perfecting! Nitpicking is annoying. Instead of criticizing others, practice gratitude. Self-kindness is essential.


Avoid passivity. It's nice that you want everyone to be happy and keep the peace, but resentments build when relationship issues are ignored. Learn power and assertiveness.


Avoid suspicion. Not everyone has evil intentions. As we all have been hurt, being so mistrustful keeps people out and makes them dislike you.


Stop putting travel before people. Have both! You want a relationship but are afraid and hide behind a cheerful facade. Be yourself and follow your dreams.


Stop opportunistic. Some things are just for human experience. You're so driven that you see everything as a tool or a hindrance. It's not that simple.


Stop being apathetic. Reaching you can feel like hitting a brick wall. Discover your true fears and why vulnerability is so hard for you.


Don't whine. Giving your all to others and not getting the same back makes you miserable and feel like the world is against you. Avoid resentment by choosing wisely.

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