They go out with as many as they can. They keep telling themselves that they are great, and they won't settle until they find someone who treats them the way they treat themselves.


They avoid all contact and reminders of that person. They follow "out of sight, out of mind" and avoid anything that might bring back memories.


They think being friends is better. It's easier to process the loss by keeping things civil until they've moved on.


They don't move on, but they learn to live without that person and believe in fate. They learned to control their pain and live like they did before that person.


Adventure consumes them. To vent their anger, they join daring, thrilling, and exciting activities. They start checking off their bucket list.


They work hard and excel. They work all night and may enroll in a program or return to school. Heartbroken people work twice as hard because they can't bear to think about what they lost.


They vanish. They avoid people and going out because they don't want to talk about their ex or how they're feeling. They hide until they can talk about their feelings.


They binge. Scorpios are extreme, so when they're heartbroken, they can turn to self destructive behaviors like drinking, one night stands, and drugs. 


They go. India or Thailand to meditate, relax, and focus on their mental and emotional health. They should go far away, turn off their phones, and recover.


They're with family more. They replace that love with another. Capricorns love their families and feel whole when they're with them.


Art helps them progress. They're creative and can turn their pain into art. Producing something sincere from sadness heals them.


Therapists see them. Pisces are sensitive, but they rarely show it. They talk to a stranger to unload and move on. No one should know they're struggling to move on.

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