Scorpios are vicious when hurt. They will be deceptive, cold, and exploit your weaknesses. Scorpios conceal. Passion hides their flaws. Their many mysteries may remain hidden.


They're meticulous and analytical. They're sensible. Control-freaks and organised. Plan carefully. People may lose touch with their emotions due to introspection. When hurt, they will remain mute.


Sagittarius is fiery. They're driven. They're ambitious. Because of their ambition, they can become self-centered. They're overly focused on themselves. 

Even when chatting to you, they would rather talk about themselves than your life. If they ask you about yourself, it's normally to acquire information.


Moon-ruled. Depression-prone. Most sensitive zodiac signs aren't chilly. They experience several heartbreaks and learn to harden their heart for self-preservation.

They forget that being cold-hearted and suppressing their feelings doesn't help with mood swings and sensitivity. Balance emotion and indifference.


Wild, logical, unconventional. They enjoy innovating. Emotions bother them. They prioritise reason above emotion. They don't care about someone's hardships. 

Insensitively request a topic change. They're proud of their rationality and don't express their feelings. They'd rather face their issues alone than be vulnerable.


They're loyal, patient, hardworking, and materialistic. They're too stubborn and won't change. Taurean will never concede in an argument. They will never compromise or agree.

They value being right over friendship because of their fragile ego. They are ambitious and materialistic, and if someone gets in their way, they will treat them coldly.

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