You value independence. You like a partner who gets you. Abrupt breakups would destroy you. You hate being abandoned and vulnerable.


You cherish stability, especially in relationships. Breakups make you feel powerless. A messy breakup is even worse and weighs on you.


You may be flighty and switch partners, but that doesn't mean you're unfaithful. You cherish honesty and communication. A betrayed breakup is the worst.


Your relationships need emotional connections. Your worst breakup is with someone who doesn't listen and judges you for being too sensitive. This hurts and disconnects you.


You're self-assured but crave praise. A breakup that makes you feel unimportant or unappreciated can be devastating. It hurts your pride.


You’re meticulous. Breakups make you feel like a failure. You like order and control, so messy breakups are hard to process.


You crave relationship harmony, balance, and peace. When things feel unbalanced, you feel unbalanced. Unfair breakups are hard to accept and move on from.


Your relationships are possessive. Your best self is kind. You can be devious and manipulative. Losing power, especially after a breakup, can be difficult.


You want someone who understands your independence and spontaneity. You lose freedom when you feel they're limiting you. Breakups hurt.


You excel. You like success in all areas. Breakups that feel like failures can be especially difficult. It seems to be preventing you from progressing in life, which is hard.


You want a deeper connection with someone who values community and social justice. Breakups that isolate you can be especially painful.


You romanticize relationships. You think love is beautiful, hopeful, and dreamy, so a breakup hurts more. It demoralizes.

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