Aries, you strive for perfection. You need a competitor who doesn't mind losing. You're competitive and impetuous, so you need a guy who's up for anything.


Taurus is the most devoted sign. Your honesty and loyalty make you a great collaborator. Honest, trustworthy people are needed. Your worst fear is catfishing.


Duality makes you popular. Party and be serious. Your twin thing often makes you indecisive, making dating tougher. Choices overwhelm. Who cares will help you decide.


Cancers that are irreversible Your moods are the worst. Family is important to you. Needed is a team player. No one is better than a buddy's friend.


Dominant Leo You're really self-assured. Self-assured and inventive, you You're self-centered. You can't be as imaginative on regular dating profiles, but your confidence will wow.


Virgos are detail-oriented. You carefully consider everything before doing. This naturally sobers you up. So you can relax enough to find someone to lighten up.


The ideal balance scale is Libra. Truth and harmony are important to you. You're looking for a committed partner only. You must find someone to split the costs with you.


Scorpions like everything. You're emotional. Its downsides In an online dating environment full with catfish, jealously and trust concerns can make partnerships difficult. 


Sagittarius is adventurous and curious. You adore your independence and hate being confined. Clingy people are your worst enemy—they suffocate!


Capricorns are self-controlled, thus expressing emotions is tough. You need someone who can see your cute, cuddly side and accepts you being correct even when you're wrong.


You, Aquarius, are a deep thinker and an ambitious doer. You despise empty assurances, and you assume others feel the same way. Don't become a victim of catfishing.


Relationships last because of intuition. You're psychic. Trusting and selfless. With typical dating apps, people lie, therefore this exposes you. 

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