Wait for a match. You're a badass go-getter and deserve someone who won't be intimidated by your success and drive.


Wait for the patient, curious guy interested in everything, especially you. You're wild one minute and quiet the next. Find a guy who loves your light and vulnerable sides.


The patient, curious guy will arrive. You're impulsive and thoughtful. Find an unconditionally loving guy.


Wait for your soulmate. You deserve a guy who loves you for your strong and memorable personality and is confident enough to not be intimidated by how unique and secure you are.


Wait for an active guy. You need a man who's driven, passionate, and focused. You need a guy who encourages you but lets you live your own lives.


Find a sensitive guy. You helped broken people because of your sensitivity and compassion. Don't fix someone who's suffered. Your vulnerability and love deserve you.


Find an accepting man. Friends and romantic prospects like your outgoing personality. Loved women deserve confident, loving men. Choose a non-toned-down partner.


Find someone honest. Leaders revered. You need a man who admires your strength and self-confidence but won't let you dominate him. You need a protector.


Find a pupil. You're deserving. You're curious and passionate, but you're emotionally closed. You need a pushy guy.


Wait for a gentleman. You deserve a gentleman. Wait for the guy who loves you as much as you love him and brings you joy, not pain.


Wait for an understanding man. Creative and quiet. You deserve a guy who appreciates your drive and makes you feel close.


He'll arrive. You deserve a playful, bright person. Find the guy who loves your silliness, can talk deep, and makes you laugh every day.