The strongman. Aries women are confident, strong, and independent, but they show their feminine side when with a leader. She wants someone strong and ambitious. 


Warm man. Taurus women appear tough and aloof, but close friends see her kind heart. She wants love, care, and comfort. She wants someone to lean on. 


I'm amused. Gemini women party hard. Despite being funny, she loves humor and sarcasm. Sarcastic men who make her laugh and don't judge her won't bore her. 


Honest man. Cancer patient is direct. She needs him to be honest to trust him. She wants someone who can read and respects her honesty.


Calm guy. Leo Women are stubborn, bossy, and want their way in relationships. She requires flexibility. She wants a flexible partner. 


Careful man. Virgo women crave attention. She wants an admirer. She can't date someone without feelings. She prefers emotionally available men. 


Fun guy. Some men can make shy Libra women playful. A flirtatious, playful man will stand out. She needs help opening up and enjoying life.


Confident guy. Scorpio women's charisma frightens men. She's confident. She wants a confident man who can approach and challenge her. She wants a quiet partner.


Human spontaneity. Sagittarius women love new adventures and people. She needs a spontaneous, fun guy. She wants a fun best friend. Sagittarius women love spontaneity. 


family man. Capricorn women love family and children. She wants a father. She admires men who care for their parents because they'll make good husbands and fathers.


He's obstinate. Commitment frightens Aquarius women. If he gives up, she may reject him. She needs someone loyal. She wants a man who accepts and protects her.


Romantic man. Pisces women need romantic partners. Her ideal partner writes long love letters, takes her to nice restaurants, and posts about her on social media.

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