Arians like self-employment. Control relationships. Psychologically independent.Inability implies control.Ideal is private. But helpless.Evaluate your partner's future. You need someone like-minded.


Taurus loves attention. Taureans want attention.Active, cool people know they matter.Mature, loving partners avoid negativity.Taureans caught. Date a sympathizer. Stop settling.


Geminis like cages. It's Geminis.Despite mistakes, they want to talk. Specialness requires authenticity.Romantic tourists. Life, love, and goals drive them. Geminis need life-lovers.


Cancers are faithful. Be true. Cancers are loyal and trust slowly. Cancers bond. Avoid heartache. Lifelong and sacred love require someone who understands. Respect love.


Leos need order. Selfish perfectionists. They're self-assured.Leos should be confident without arrogance.Peaceful and kind. Leos love praise. Leos hate average.Leos need loving supporters.


Quiet, analytical, mature, and confident Virgos. Virgos need partners who get them.Virgos aren't talkative, but an understanding person can.Virgos hate pointless mockery.A zodiac sign supporter is best.


Libran grace. They live calmly.They prefer straight roads. Libra needs problem-solvers.Libra wants a simple life partner. Greed is OK.Classy dates Libras.


Scorpio's easiest. But cranky. Passionate Scorpion.Scorpios should commit. They love all. Scorpios hate separation.Persuade to stay. Scorpios need loyalty. Reciprocation requires passionate love.


Sagittarians are free-spirited. They are.Independent, they rarely commit but stay until death.They want a loyal, space-giving partner.Sagittarius moves. Sagittarius, find a free spirit.


Encourage Capricorns. Partners degrade them.Dumb people. Edit and publish their story.Kind Capricorns. Lifestyle should match or differ. Capricorn must partner well.


Aquarians risk. Adventures energize them. They can't sit.Remember Aquarius' spontaneity. Aquariuses are uneasy.Aquariuses need partners who will go on terrifying jungle walks and wherever life takes them.


They picture white horses, roses, beach walks, and mountain evenings. Fans are.Realistic but wanting their story perfected.Creative Pisces. Need creative partners.Not someone who ignores your needs.

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