Aries like self-employment. You dominate relationships or seek equality. Mentally independent.Controlling shows inability.Privacy-minded people are ideal. Independent but dependent


Tauruses like attention. Tauruses date for attention.Cool, active people like to remind themselves that their presence matters.Because they dislike negativity, they prefer mature, loving partners.


Geminis only like cages when they're interested. Geminis won't let you go.Despite mistakes, they seek listeners and conversationalists. Feeling special requires genuine interest.


Cancers are loyal and trustworthy.Be loyal. Cancers trust slowly but are loyal and devoted.Cancers bond because they're sensitive. Avoid heartbreak.


Leos need order. Selfish perfectionists. They're self-assured.Leos should be confident without arrogance.Peaceful and kind. Leos love praise. Leos hate average.Leos need loving supporters.


Quiet, analytical, mature, and confident Virgos. Virgos need compatible partners.
Virgos aren't talkative, but an understanding person can.Virgos hate pointless mockery.


Libran grace. They live calmly.They prefer straight roads. Libra needs problem-solvers.Libra wants a simple life partner. Greed is OK.


Scorpio is easiest. They're cranky but dedicated. Passionate Scorpion.Scorpios should be passionate and dedicated. They love all. Scorpios get jealous easily and hate separation.


Sagittarians are free-spirited. These two traits shape them.They commit rarely but stay with them until death.They need a trustworthy, free-spirited partner.


Help Capricorns. Disrespectful partners drain them.The ignorant. Edit and publish their story of good education, happy family, and many ambitions.Capricorns care. Similar lifestyle. Capricorn must win.


Aquarians risk. Adventures fuel them. Can't sit.Aquarius' spontaneity. Aquariuses worry.Aquariuses need partners who will brave terrifying jungle walks and life.


Desperate romantics love white horses, roses, mountain evenings, and beach walks. Constant fantasies.They accept reality but want a perfect love story.Pisces invent. Date a creative, non-conformist.

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