Aries, you're impatient and want progress quickly. However, good things take time. The day you plant the seed is not the day you enjoy the fruit. The garden needs care to bloom.


Taurus, healing is about closing the wound and ending the pain. Healing is about the journey, not just the destination. Celebrate the small victories as you come back together.


Geminis love being busy. Sitting still is hard because you feel guilty for not doing something worthwhile. Rest is productive. Without time to recharge, you'll burnout.


Cancer makes letting go hard. Hard doesn't mean bad. “Sometimes the hard thing and the right thing are the same,” said The Fray, a criminally underrated band. Release yourself.


Leo—be proud. Sometimes you get caught up in the fact that some of your accomplishments are not recognized as you wish. Progress isn't dependent on others. Only you.


Virgos are self-critical. Self-compassion will help you change and grow more than hypercriticism will.


Libra, when you want to make a big change, you think big, fast steps are best. Slow, consistent, and steady changes usually last. Be deliberate and you'll get there.


Scorpio, aren't you tough? You hurt deeply and often. Scorpio, you're strong. Relax during high tide. Swim slowly. Always do.


Free-spirited Sagittarius. You're always traveling to learn about the world. Aren't you tired? Stop occasionally to avoid burnout. Paris endures. It will.


Realistic Capricorns. You also expect the worst. This isn't always best. Because you shouldn't always expect the worst. There's hope. Remember that realism is a pessimistic outlook.


Aquarius, darkness cannot overpower light. Full enjoyment requires both. Important too. Avoid nightfall. You'll have to embrace the sun like the moonlight.


Everything affects Pisces. This is disastrous. You're emotionally expressive. You embrace life. Emotional fluidity inspires. Feelings matter.

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