Relax during this Full Moon. You'll keep travelling. As you consider how your actions affect your relationships, your hyperactivity will subside. Be selfless.


This Full Moon will help you lead and get things done. Don't worry. Even when the world seems against you, plan everything. Success is possible with patience and assistance.


You'll appreciate your creativity with the Libra Moon's stimulating mental energy. Enjoy your craft, find inspiration, and stay grateful for where you are. Libra calms nervous energy.


The Full Moon will inspire you to change or move. Get your aesthetic desires in order and calm family tensions. Promote home mental and spiritual peace.


Expect to travel quickly or feel more academic this time. Friends and coworkers may pressure you to travel. You may feel that education will help you achieve a social cause.


This Full Moon will inspire you to change careers or work harder at your current job. Libra loves luxury and will increase your income. Enjoy the energy.


You feel refreshed and like an Aries with the Moon in your sign. You're more daring and outspoken. Now is the time to take that long-awaited vacation. Be selfish and consider your needs now.


This Full Moon will magnify work stresses and successes. You need a break. Financially, you may learn how to make more. This energy calms your mental storms.


Party and connect this Full Moon. You feel energised and confident after making friends with Aries. Jupiter shining on you means good times for these natives.


As you consider your career goals, work becomes more important. You're a fierce competitor. The only drawback is easing home sector tension.


Your brain fascinates people. Full Moon energy will boost you. Use your talents, trust your intuition, and take the leap in your education professional or creative now.


Like Scorpios, the Libra Full Moon will bring spiritual peace. Problems may be solved. Financial and material issues will culminate with the Sun and Moon's polarising energy.

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