Aries is strong-willed and won't let anyone stand in their way. Mars-ruled people strive to succeed and are driven by passion and determination.

Aries is the finest. Aries often act maliciously to achieve what they want, and they're fine with it.


Scorpios, the zodiac's most deceptive sign, can read people better than any other sign. Their attentiveness lets them find someone's triggers and subtly push them.

They're sneaky, so you may not realise they're plotting against you. Once obsessed, they'll do whatever it takes. Earth signs are suspect. They're secretive.


Libras are usually charming and charismatic, making it hard to think they are deceptive. Nonetheless, their charm and charisma allow them to control any scenario.


If someone distracts Leos, they become clever. This sign wants to stand out. Their tireless pursuit of excellence can spot other people's flames.

If someone blocks their route, they become the largest plotter who can confront and remove a person from the stage.


Capricorns can appear cold and callous to strangers. Earth signs work hard and will do anything to obtain their aims, so beware. Zodiac workaholics.

After a warning, they'll plot your ruin. Capricorn knows when they're being deceitful, yet they'll use any wicked approach if it helps them.


Sagittarius is hard to pin down due to their love of exploration and making new friends. Some may be alarmed by their impulsivity and lack of forethought.

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