Cancer is faithful if their emotional needs are met and their relationship is stable. Cancers seek love and stability. Relationships matter to them. If liked, they'll stay.


Scorpios trust slowly yet are faithful. Breaking trust can generate issues. Scorpios have several revenge methods. They're no longer faithful. After being duped, they want revenge.


Capricorns honor their commitments. If they're happy, they won't risk it. If unsatisfied, they'll break up instead of cheating. They'll fix relationships.


Virgos are exceedingly realistic, and the concept of cheating horrifies them. Virgo is also too busy to date. Finding someone as good as their mate is nearly impossible.


Taurus is more prone to accuse their partner than cheat. Taurus are loyal and will stick with their soulmate. They may assume their partner is cheating even if there's no proof due to envy.


Leos are faithful if they get the attention they need, which is a lot.Leo may cheat if ignored. Leos value commitment, marriage, and family.Leos don't value infidelity.


Pisces flirt, but they never cheat on a partner. Pisces will forgive and rekindle a cheating lover. If they're not physically unfaithful, they'll emotionally cheat. It's huge.


Libras like symmetry yet cheat more. They want to stay faithful but feel bored and worry if their partner is right. Libras prefer a swift breakup versus one with claims and fighting.


Aries might be disloyal if bored or sexless. Aries take risks without thinking. When confronted, Aries denies infidelity.They'll leave if their marriage doesn't excite them.


Geminis may cheat without their partner noticing. They cover their traces like devoted lovers. Geminis are changeable, thus they can love and bore each other.


Sagittarians are disloyal yet strive not to damage others. If someone wants to take a chance on them, that's on them.Sagittarius is loyal. Without obligation, they may not cheat.


Devotion and tradition disgust them. Because they like new people and experiences, they like group dynamics. Since they want rejection, Aquarians loathe it.

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