Becoming hysterical, screaming, and hurling objects. Aries is not a patient person, and he or she makes that abundantly clear. You can count on getting a shoe hurled at you if your mum is an Aries.


Isolating and ruminating. They are unable to wait for anything, and when they are forced to practise patience, they pout and bring everyone else down with them.


Plenty of sulking and pouting around passively. When delayed, a Gemini will act as if they've been cheated out of a significant reward because of their insistence on velocity & directness.


Cancerians aren't known for their patience, yet they push on regardless of the situation. They would rather be doing anything, even if it isn't what they desire, than doing nothing and waiting.


Waiting is not tolerated under any circumstances, leading to tantrums, shoulder shrugging, and wall punching. If they have to wait too long, they will likely give up and try something else.


Very lacking in patience. When given the chance to exhibit impatience, Virgo does what they do best and complains. Even after you plead and yell at them to stop, their complaining continues.


Libra spends money on themselves when they become tired waiting. Spending lavishly on themselves is the only way to overcome irritation and impatience.


Fortunately for Scorpio, if you demonstrate impatience, they will make you pay for it. The purpose of your presence is to provide an outlet for their impatience while they wait.


Thinking too much. Sagittarius is patient until they're not. They can endure a lot, but when they realise they can do nothing except wait, they overthink things to the point of collapse.


They express their discontent with the world around them from the moment they are born. Waiting is hard, but waiting patiently without knowing what the future holds is even harder.


Impatient and intolerant. Not expressive, they'll smash items in their house or rage at their best buddy over stuff you don't know. They're just frustrated, and waiting doesn't help.


Weeping, groaning, and martyrdom. They're impatient and won't wait. Pisces may hurl a frying pan if you tell them to relax and be patient.

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