Independent partners are needed. a partner who doesn't need you to take care of them. You need space and time with your partner.


Moderate partners are needed. A partner who won't get angry and lash out during arguments. They should respect you whether sober, drunk, or angry.


Passionate partners are needed. Saying "I love you" is not enough. You need them to listen carefully and show excitement when you reach new relationship milestones.


Appreciative partners are needed. who frequently thanks you and recognises your relationship efforts. If your partner appreciates your sweet gestures, you don't mind.


Affectionate partners are needed. Who daily holds your hand and says they love you. You need constant reassurance that they still love you.


Responsible partners are needed. Who will do chores and advise you? when you ask for it. You want more. Teammate? A spouse.


You need a caring partner. A partner who can sense your mood shifts and predict your needs. They shouldn't read your mind, but they should know you and anticipate your needs.


Trustworthy partners are needed. who always keeps their word. If you always suspect your partner is cheating, you won't last.


Need an ambitious partner. who pursues big goals daily. This doesn't require wealth or success. You need someone ambitious. Someone who fights for their goals even when it seems hopeless.


Supportive partners are needed. Who encourages you to pursue your dreams instead of being bitter and resentful when you're doing things outside of the relationship.


Dependable partners are needed. A partner who keeps their promises. You can't accept immaturity or inconsistency when looking for a life partner.


Consistent partners are needed. Who respects and pays attention to you regardless of mood. You won't settle for a partner who spoils you one day and disappears the next.

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