Libras hate conflict, but they fight for fairness. They will fight as hard as anyone and make their causes personal and public.

Libras will create a video, write social media postings, or even write an op-ed for a national publication. Libra won't stop pressing for change if their opinion is controversial.


Politics suits Virgos' organising skills. They'll help run their preferred candidate's campaign. Virgo researched the candidate before committing.

Because they know a clear, particular message works best, Virgos are terrific campaigners. They'll write a memorable, focused speech for their candidate.


Aries are enthusiastic about the things they believe in, therefore taking action for change is something that comes easy to them. They will march, protest, and attend events. 

 Aries knows that sign-holding, chanting, and marching are great ways to raise awareness. Aries may have trouble staying cool when things heat up. 


Geminis donate to good causes and campaigns. March, call, and fundraise. They know when to quit up and move on when trying to persuade someone of their position.

Geminis realise that travelling in circles doesn't change anyone's viewpoint and that you have to hope you made progress without damaging the relationship.


Humanism is important to Aquarians, and they often devote their lives to doing good for others. They typically devote an inordinate amount of time and energy to a wide variety of causes.


Leos are good recruiters and often start political parties. Leos don't mind being interviewed or on television to promote their cause. Leo's convictions are hard to shake.

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