Capricorn may not know how you got here, but they can help you get there. Your Capricorn companion will help you focus on the present rather than the future.


Virgo offers impartial counsel and the best solutions. Virgo will describe your place and origins. They're honest critics. Focus. Counselors are clear-thinking Virgos.


Pisces are wonderful confidants because of their innate empathy. You don't grasp Pisces' emotions. A friend who understands you is sometimes all you need.


Libra is your mediator for interpersonal issues. They can spot unfairness and help you fix it.Libras are people-pleasers, but they prioritise justice and harmony over ego.


Scorpios are good listeners, but they love intrigue and mystery too much to give objective feedback. Scorpio can help you exploit a poor situation for retribution.


Geminis love talking. They comprehend you by absorbing others' energies. They'll gladly discuss solutions. They may suggest odd things to keep the conversation going. 


They can assist you invest wisely but not with urgent money concerns. Venus-ruled Taurus hears. Their family hurts. Sometimes caring is enough.


Cancer may outsuffer you. Cancer cares for you, but they also have issues, and they're trying to divert you by focusing on them. They'll feed and cuddle their loved ones.


Leo flatters weak. Leo recounts how they handled comparable situations, what they would do in your scenario, and what they advised others on important matters.


Aries will be your most dependable pal. Aries will aid you if they can. Don't expect an Aries to sit down and discuss the emotional links between the pieces.


Sagittarius: A Word of Advice Boring. Remove. Getting the mundane stuff out of the way will free us up to concentrate on what really matters.


hey prioritise large picture over details. Few Aquarius pals. They'll help, but you may not like or comprehend their advice. 

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