Aquarius struggles socially. She's torn between spending time alone and meeting new people. She never speaks in groups because she can't separate her thoughts.


Gemini seems weird because of her thoughts and behaviour. She's calm around friends and family but freezes around strangers. Gemini is a party girl and an enigmatic girl.


Capricorn keeps to herself, but her criticism can ruin her fun. She's awkward because she feels no one likes her. She feels awkward controlling her pessimism.


As she feels judged, she's self-critical and awkward. Despite feeling unappreciated, Virgo cares for her pals. She may blame herself for being undesired at the party.


Libras avoid controversy, making self-reflection awkward. She lacks balance. She's unpleasant since she rarely socialises. But, leaving her cocoon makes her irritable. 


Cancer dislikes strangers. Doing anything unusual is difficult for her because she prefers remaining home with her BFFs. After an hour, she seems tired. To like others again, she just needs time alone.


Scorpio is outgoing, but she's more open with her friends. Though her friends and outsiders won't condemn her, she prefers a small social circle. She drinks to relax at overcrowded parties.


Pisces are surprisingly social. She knows that all you need to make friends is a smile and a positive attitude—which she possesses! Confident, she's comfortable meeting new individuals.


Aries rarely acts uncomfortably. She never feels socially inept and lights up any room. Even when she's around friends, she's never awkward.


Taurus recharges alone. She enjoys company over alone because she loves learning about strangers. Taurus only acts awkward when angry or forced out by friends.


Antisocial Leo. Her charm draws crowds. She never mumbles. Leo teaches social graces. Leo loves attention more. She makes friends with strangers.


Sagittarius enjoys herself. Weekend getaways, parties, and new acquaintances are examples. Sagittarius is comfortable talking to strangers. She likes it to avoiding new experiences.

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