No one listens or feels heard

Listening shows love best. Listening partners make you feel valuable. Some are better listeners. It can be practiced and improved.

Married individuals typically hear what they expect instead of the message. They may be discreetly practicing their speech. Automatic chatting kills relationships.

You have ceased hostilities

Without strong conflict resolution models, partner fights can be terrifying.Despite popular assumption, disputes can improve intimacy if the-

couple talks through them and consciously fixes the harm. Listening matters.Non-fighting couples often withdraw, establishing a hard-to-repair emotional barrier.

No one listens or feels heard

Instead of discussing relationship issues with your partner, you avoid, complain, and distract with friends. Your partner thinks you'd rather talk to friends than resolve things.

You may think your buddies are better listeners, but your spouse may eventually emotionally tune out, blocking any progress in becoming closer.

One or both of you daydream about being single

Psychological detachment is imagining happiness without your spouse. It dulls your discontent and denies the relationship the emotional input needed to mend it.

There are emotional & physical affairs

Technology blurs personal motive and accountability, making affair definitions more challenging. Cell phones, social networking, and dating apps allow

emotional affairs at meals.Sexual infidelity is harder but frequently follows emotional affairs. Both often indicate unspoken marriage needs.

When you're apart, you're more yourself

You should feel that your partner brings out the best in you and motivates you to reach your full potential. They should accept you for who you are, and you for who they are.

If you're in a bad marriage, you may detest yourself around your partner. Avoiding them may help you reclaim your identity.

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