Pisces can't control their emotions, so they often hold them in until they burst. While shy, they wish to help others. Pisces feels deeply and can explore shadow sides,

 which can produce stress because they don't always know how to release it. If you can help this water sign, they'll be less anxious.


Geminis love to talk and flit between groups, but they may be acting more than you believe. They disguise their tension so effectively you won't notice.

Their continual acting makes them the most tense sign. They constantly think and worry. Grounding activities may calm them.


Virgos are perfectionists and love helping. Even if they need a break, don't stop them. Earth signs are quickly overwhelmed and self-doubtful, making them even more tense. 

They'll offer advice even if you didn't ask. Mercury rules them, so they can't even relax, let alone rest and reset.


Scorpios are serious and sensitive. Some people appear tense and apprehensive unintentionally. Trust is required for them to relax. If they can feel and express more, they may relax.


Aries' tension may be palpable. Leaders with strong personalities who strive for perfection can be exhausting. They need healthy ways to discharge energy like exercise or they'll create damage.

Fire signs are temperamental and impetuous. They may feel calmer if they practise patience and take a deep breath before speaking & reacting.


Cancer's moon-ruled emotions are powerful and changeable. They're sensitive to everyone's vibe. They want to help, but sometimes they take on too much.

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