You're not trying to let people down or let your principles down by flaking out on them. However, this places you squarely in the flake zone, which explains

why your brand of flakiness is so advanced. You say and do the most flaky things without even realizing it. You try to be responsible, but you can't help but become sidetracked.


Your flake-o-meter gives you a because you feel bad about flaking and want to make amends. You seem to be born with a strong moral compass, 

but that prevents you from being even flakier than you already are. You are not like some of the other super flakes because you have a conscience.


Huge flake. Your worst. You always bail and act like nothing happened. They should explain why they were so sensitive about your conduct.


You're genuine. You organize things initially. The only downside is that you ditch pals without notice, which can make them think you're a flake.


Non-flake.  Extremely trustworthy and responsible. The only catch is that you bring down the mood and are unpleasant to be around.

 Perhaps you could benefit from some flake training in order to be more of a novelty to those around you and less of a burden.


Very high on the list of people who are likely to flake.  flake, and it's because you have a character flaw that makes you easily distracted. 

Even though you consider yourself steady and goal-oriented, you always back out at the last minute when it comes to helping other people.

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