Librans are notoriously open about their desire to break the rules. While Virgo prefers to keep their misdeeds under wraps, Libra would rather shout them from the rooftops.

Libra is a master of naughtiness thanks to her charm, manipulation, and need to look good. Libras generally fail science.


As the Zodiac's purported virgin, Virgo would like nothing more than for everyone to think they are perfect.

The virgin will undoubtedly lead the pack in bad behavior. Don't be fooled by their apparent practicality. Virgo is the person you should go to if you're searching for a partner in crime.


Gemini's naughtiness stems from their penchant for fibbing. Gemini thrives on the ability to deceive people and manipulate situations to their own advantage.

To be naughty is to be able to attract and deceive others, whether in a romantic or professional context. On the naughtiness meter, Gemini is right up there with Libra.


Sagittarius's bad rep stems from the sign's penchant for risky antics. Despite the fact that they usually only end up harming themselves,

Sagittarians should be avoided at all costs emotionally. They'll probably run off with it, and you won't see it again.


Being mischievous is more about Aquarius's reputation than anything else. Aquarius has the worst reputation among the zodiac signs since they are

the most individualistic and free-thinking.There is no single, identifiable instance of this immorality; rather, its very existence is taken as given.

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