Aries, you've already heard April's news. No surprises or deviations. However, you'll wonder why your source is so late or fixated on something that's no longer relevant.


Taurus, this month's news resembles the 2004 Britney-barefoot-in-a-gas-station scandal. Whether you're being papped or someone you know is, this news will make you less judgmental. Exposure isn't fun.


The dreaded opening line awaits Gemini this month. You can play the hand you're dealt without finding silver linings. Strong bluffs.


Cancer, we know you're level-headed, but no one will judge you if you get the news you secretly hoped for this month. Keep calm. Grab it. That's yours.


Leo, this month's news requires immediate action and updates. Stop everything news. For you and others affected. Keep calm until you have all the facts and multiple perspectives.


It's okay, Virgo. You thought this news was the worst, but it's an opportunity to pivot and move on from a difficult chapter. "Now what?" is indefinite.


Libra, something old will resurface this month. New evidence, corrected or retracted statements, and a new picture will emerge. This telenovela plot-worthy news stuns everyone.


Sweet Scorpios are adorable. One of your innocent wishes will come true this month. Wear your joy proudly.


Sagittarius, you like the unknown when planned and packed. Your exploits. If you get bad news this month, don't get frustrated. You adapt to everything, including this new situation.


Capricorn, your news this month is exaggerated. Like gossip, it's entertaining. Take it lightly and don't overreact. Be discreet.


Aquarius, you'll recognize this month's news. Listen to the feeling. Remember what it reminds you of and how it relates to your past experiences. Have faith.


International news, Pisces. You'll become Christiane Amanpour when the update arrives. You're expert.

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