Release your anger.
 You're impulsive and angry. You can cool off, especially for others' comfort, but a hot head isn't attractive.


Leave your comfort zone.
Stick to your niche. That will likely bore your partner. Keep your relationship fun, even occasionally.


Stop being single.
You get bored quickly and miss being single. If you want a relationship, don't do that. Appreciate each other if you're staying together.


Release your past relationships.
Heartbreak lasts. Honestly, you still hate your ex from five years ago. When your heart is in the past, you can never fully commit to someone new.


Let others' opinions go.
You're confident, but others' praise fuels it. A healthy relationship will reduce your dependence on friends and strangers.


Release control.
You have many plans, but inviting someone into your life can be messy. In a relationship, controlling things is impossible. Virgo, relax.


Release your friends' approval.
You always consult your friends. You want their feedback on your writing or third date location. While friends are important, they shouldn't make all your decisions.


Release your vulnerability phobia.
Maintaining a relationship without opening up is difficult. Vulnerability in a relationship is liberating and strengthens it.


Stop flirting.
You're always working the room, making everyone think you're into them. Imagine how special your partner will feel if you only flirt with them from now on.


Give up time.
Work, hobbies, and friends can make it hard to fit in someone new. But letting your partner in will make them feel special.


Be public.
Being in a relationship without your partner is hard. Don't worry about committing to this person. Singlehood and codependence differ.


Release your opinions.
You love helping your loved ones, and sometimes you think you know better than they do. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

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