Aries are bold leaders who try new designs and colors. Since you're usually on the go, a classic but bold style is great. Ruby-red polish shows your lively side. 


Taurus likes routine. You like classics. You need a graceful, thoughtful style that no one would suspect was difficult.Taurus sees a classic French manicure.


Flexible Geminis are smart. Though finicky and bored, you love indulging. You like unusual style. Options over trends. Select a versatile polish.Colors never tire.


Thus, you may be the first to revive the most popular nail polish colors, including an opalescent pearl to convey kindness.Cancer caregivers need attractive, easy-care clothes. Pearl fits your calm.


Leo, you deserve confident nail polish. You'll enter whenever possible. Color suits Leo. Sunsigns adore vibrant colors. Nail polish must enhance beauty.  Beautiful claws.


Practical Virgo. Stop for nobody. Because you're busy, you need a great, long-lasting manicure. Virgos maximize simplicity.Virgo can wear nude or blush pink nail polish.


Libra, you radiate beauty. You've probably tried most nail paint styles.  Libras should choose Embellished French Manicure, which matches their lively personalities.


Scorpios love rock 'n roll styles. You like dark colors, yet you're open to change.  Black stiletto nails are a rebellious choice for your next nail appointment. 


However, as a bold fire sign, you may be receptive to a wild hue or style that deviates from the norm. Tie-dye nails are the perfect multicolored design for your active lifestyle.


You appreciate professional, attractive, and bold.  Choose a classic green to express your maturity and dependability. It's subtler than others, but you've got greater problems.


 Aquarius energy may wear anything—bold colors, unusual designs, or something altogether unique. Mix-and-match animal print nail polish shows your uniqueness


Pisces, zodiac dreamer. You're laid-back. Pisces, your nail polish should mirror your whimsical, charming attitude. You prefer cool, calming colors yet are willing to experiment. 

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