Aquarius want to ignore their emotions. They don't process bad breakups. Even if it hurts their relationships, they like to control their feelings.

When they withdraw instead of opening up, their partners may be confused. Their companion may not understand their inconsistent behavior.


Although patient, Taurus can be difficult to communicate with. Individuals need to have faith and a sense of agency.

Even if someone seems trustworthy, Taurus can't bring themselves to put their faith in them. Taurus may take advantage of their vulnerabilities if they let their guard down.


Scorpios' mystique is part of their identity. They are sensitive, secretive, and seek honesty. They want everyone to be open with them, but they don't demand the same.

Scorpios suppress their emotions since they've been hurt before and don't want to be again. Scorpios are loyal even if they never feel safe enough to be vulnerable.


Libras fear their lovers may become disillusioned and abandon them, so they don't open up. Libras want to be honest, but they can't be sure their partner is reliable, even if they've shown it.

Libra isn't willing to take a chance by letting their guard down and becoming more open. In fact, they actively promote their partners being honest and confiding in them.


Virgo may have to realize they're not flawless and show their lover how sensitive and fragile they are. Virgos should keep their hearts closed to their partners.

This zodiac sign is harsh on others but hardest on themselves. Virgos can get bogged down in their faults and disappointments. They'd rather appear strong to their lover than transparent.

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