Beware of broken promises. Remember, words are meaningless without actions. Be wary of people who never follow through and always leave you feeling cheated.


Avoid people who accuse you of doing what they do. They can blame you without taking responsibility. Don't let others make you feel bad when they're causing it.


Beware of guilt-trippers. Avoid being swayed by their tears. Stand firm—you owe them nothing.


Avoid liars. If they lie to you about small things, they may lie about bigger things. Leave if someone is untrustworthy.


Avoid fickle people. If they ignore your messages and cancel plans last minute, it's stressful. 


Beware of demeaning people. Friends and family should support you. Avoid toxic people.


Avoid disappearing people. Friends cry with you. Supporters in hard times. They may be unworthy if they only want good times.


Avoid intransigent people. You shouldn't always make concessions. Friends should compromise with you.


Beware of naysayers. Only hang out with positive people. They should support you, not undermine you.


Beware of opportunists. They shouldn't dictate your relationship. Even if it's inconvenient, make time for each other.


Beware of people who are always mad at you. You're probably not a problem. They're just causing trouble. Or you're incompatible. Keep your distance.


Avoid people who want to control you. You decide. They can't tell you how to spend your time, dress, or choose friends. You alone decide.

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