Scorpios are silent and frigid, yet this makes them more perceptive. They think differently but solve problems. Scorpios are sleuths: These water signals usually lead the pack.

They are able to find answers more quickly than their contemporaries because they notice subtle hints that others overlook.


Sagittarius love trying new things. They think big-picture and use their wisdom to find creative solutions. Fire signs, the zodiac's philosophers, are insatiably curious and smart.


The weirdest sign, Aquarius, has an unusual perspective. Their odd manners may disguise their intelligence, but they consistently outsmart the competition.

Born under the air eagle sign, air eagles are smart and can outwit their colleagues. Despite their seeming craziness, they have a critical and motivated intellect.


Brainy Virgos examine everything. Their problem-solving skills are unequaled, therefore you need them on your side. Virgo vision is fantastic for problem-solving and creativity.

the planet of cognition, rules these earth signs, revealing their intelligence swiftly. Virgos are smart and organized, so they'll show up and do what they say.


Aries are fast thinkers and movers. Autonomous and confident, they're smarter. If they trust their instincts, Aries usually succeed. Heroic fire signs assist others.


Geminis are the smartest zodiac sign since they learn quickly and easily. This air sign is continually learning and has a big mental toolbox. 

Geminis' mental agility and capacity to see multiple outcomes enable them remember movie scenes, come up with witty retorts, and fix things.

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