Aries is powerful and will push people out of the way. Mars-ruled people are enthusiastic and driven to succeed.Aries can always win. Aries don't mind being cruel to acquire what they seek.


Sagittarius is hard to pin down due to their love of exploration and making new friends. Some may be alarmed by their impulsivity and lack of forethought.

Sagittarius spontaneity makes them deceitful. They're master disruptors, sometimes unethically. Fire indications will surprise you.


Capricorns may appear aloof to strangers. Beware of these earth signs, who work hard to obtain their aims. They'll initially warn you, but if you cross them again, they'll plot your destruction.

Capricorn is aware of when they are being dishonest, yet if it will help them, they will not hesitate to engage in any dishonest behavior.


Taking the spotlight makes Leos cunning. Attention-seeking sign. Sun-ruled perfectionists stand out. They become the largest planner and can confront and remove a stage intruder.


Libras are usually charming and charismatic, making it hard to think they are deceptive. Nonetheless, their charm and charisma allow them to control any scenario.

This air sign can easily deceive. Libra knows they can influence and persuade, so they're cunning on purpose. Libras' deceptions often go unnoticed.


Scorpios read people well. Their attentiveness discreetly triggers someone. You may not understand they're plotting against you because they're secretive. 

Obsessed, they'll do anything to get what they desire. Earth signals distrust. They're mysterious until you join their inner circle.

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