When Aries is overworked, everyone gets obnoxious. After their last nerve is worked, they may become confrontational, belligerent, and uncompromising.

Aries doesn't consider others' feelings or consequences during these moments. Avoid Aries till they're calm.


Taurus is grumpy when stubborn. They'll think they're smarter. When angry, they can't compromise. Taurus always thinks right. Though shy, Taurus may fight.


Geminis can have a sour attitude since they're indecisive and uneasy. They may regret their decision an hour after making it.

Geminis often embark on initiatives that are too big for them, but instead of acknowledging it, they keep going and generate contempt. They finish with a terrible attitude.


Scorpio's jealousy of others' achievement, even their own, makes them pessimistic. Scorpios might get angry and resentful when they feel neglected.


Aquarius can be snarky and cynical, which can indicate a negative attitude. Sarcasm hurts and feels personal, therefore no one wants to be the target.

Aquarians are noted for being distant and pompous, which isn't welcoming or open. Their nasty attitude depends on their mood, so you never know what you'll receive.


Virgos have a negative attitude when they're harsh and judgmental. They're often extremely critical, sometimes of others.

Virgos are knowledgeable and can be know-it-alls, so if someone confronts them on their expertise, they'll be enraged and clearly want to eliminate the opponent.

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